Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DISCOVERY makes Final Landing

It was a good idea , a good program and a good space craft. This is what we think when we hear the name "Discovery". I think it is important to point out that the key word here is "was". The Discovery touched down for its final time just recently, the landing went off without a hitch (Yay!)
Good for you NASA,Spcae shuttle crew and just about everybody out there in anyway associated with the space program,.. or ANY space program for that matter. It is people like them who constantly drag our sometimes stubborn world forward into the future. A future we all hope will be better and brighter. View the final landing below. Barring any spaceborne mind control virus type lifeforms brought back by accident.. It's all good.
And by this point I think we all know to be a little leary of space originated virii and stuff.. right? I mean c'mon You all saw the movies and we all know Movies are based on real life ..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Proof of Life Beyond Earth !! Fossils .. Maybe ?

I recently happened across this news story as I was perusing various news areas.If it wasn't for the large 4 letter NASA contained in it that caught my attention,it might easily have been missed. But there it was nestled quaintly between "Thai girl declared Hairiest child ever" by Guiness and "Charlie Sheen and Ex-Porn goddess make-up".Clearly the people of this planet and continent have their priorities straight. As I have said before the Alien threat is not to be overlooked. Oh wait .. sorry I actually just realized I had been scolding others about the reality of a Machine rebellion. Although obviously neither is desirable, they are clearly not the same. But I digress, please follow the link to get to the story and avoid anymore of my meandering statements of questionable quality.
That link right there

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Thumbellion

Thumb Wars
what to say .. oh man what to say. I'll start with absolutely brilliant. I'm well aware that this particular effort was first introduced to Netizens a good while back, .. I'm posting it here again because I like it. Yes I know .. that doesn't sound like a very good reason to anybody. Well except myself of course. I'm well aware of this fact,and I think if you just follow along and view the clip one more time you'll have to agree it is pretty funny. Same old take on the Star Wars spoof yeah, but With THUMBS Man! I mean .. THUMBS  lol
ok it's not that cool. But it is pretty inventive and does leave the door open for imaginative props and witty dialogue. Blah blah blah .. etc etc ...  watch the video. See you all back at Resistance HQ, and May the Thumb with you!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Light Touch KeyBoard TouchScreen

 A real eye catcher the Light Blue Optic Light Touch. making use of a pico projection engine and a touch sensitive sensor, it can and will convert any flat surface into a touchscreen. According to reports it works ridiculously well despite still being in its development stage. Talk about something being "pretty cool'

Dawn Spacecraft Due To Arrive At "4 Vesta" This Year

I just found this out a few minutes ago.. wow! How did I miss this..I'm sure If had seen it I probably would have remembered. That's not really important now though, as I just found out the Dawn Spacecraft is due to reach a 'minor planet' "4 Vesta"' sometime this year during June. For those of you unfamiliar with the story I have linked both the Dawn Spacecraft and 4 Vesta for your convenience.

 Ok fine I'll just say it then...  A Minor Planet called 4 Vesta? Isn't that the name of the Asteroid place that humans tried to colonize after sending a probe and like they all got wiped out and started an interstellar war or something? Yeah that's it ... I knew this reminded me of something! That great old sci-fi series "Space: Above and Beyond" Yup a lot of similarities there.. ok hardly any similarities at all actually, BUT  they did have cool spaceships in the Television Series. And I think we all know that's really the lesson we need to take away from this. Wait.. What?..  Sorry, went off on a little bit of a tangent there. Ok, well then I'm off to browse,til the next time I find some new and exciting bit of cool game or tech knowledge to share with you all.