Sunday, March 6, 2011

Proof of Life Beyond Earth !! Fossils .. Maybe ?

I recently happened across this news story as I was perusing various news areas.If it wasn't for the large 4 letter NASA contained in it that caught my attention,it might easily have been missed. But there it was nestled quaintly between "Thai girl declared Hairiest child ever" by Guiness and "Charlie Sheen and Ex-Porn goddess make-up".Clearly the people of this planet and continent have their priorities straight. As I have said before the Alien threat is not to be overlooked. Oh wait .. sorry I actually just realized I had been scolding others about the reality of a Machine rebellion. Although obviously neither is desirable, they are clearly not the same. But I digress, please follow the link to get to the story and avoid anymore of my meandering statements of questionable quality.
That link right there

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