Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DISCOVERY makes Final Landing

It was a good idea , a good program and a good space craft. This is what we think when we hear the name "Discovery". I think it is important to point out that the key word here is "was". The Discovery touched down for its final time just recently, the landing went off without a hitch (Yay!)
Good for you NASA,Spcae shuttle crew and just about everybody out there in anyway associated with the space program,.. or ANY space program for that matter. It is people like them who constantly drag our sometimes stubborn world forward into the future. A future we all hope will be better and brighter. View the final landing below. Barring any spaceborne mind control virus type lifeforms brought back by accident.. It's all good.
And by this point I think we all know to be a little leary of space originated virii and stuff.. right? I mean c'mon You all saw the movies and we all know Movies are based on real life ..

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